14 July 2016


Welcome, indie game developers, to the sixth edition of the Indie Pitch Arena, brought to you by GMGC at Mobile Game Asia in cooperation with Gaming Top Talent.


Throw that game in the ring and see whose name shall appear victorious. Indie Pitch Arena is a home for Investors, Innovators, industry professionals, and of course Indie Developers. The Indie Pitch Arena is the best platform to hunt potential investment and partnership opportunities.


For Developers: Showcase and pitch your ideas to seasoned industry professionals. Gain valuable feedback and probably interest and investments. All indie developers presenting at the Indie Pitch Arena are also auditioning for Gaming Top Talent competition – one of the biggest game developers competitions in the world. The champion and runner up of the Indie Pitch Area will walk away with USD $2,000 and USD $1,000 respectively!

Why be part of the Indie Pitch Arena?
  •   Exhibit your game to top media & high-level executives & get seen by tons of industry professional
  •   Have the chance of winning one of our cash prizes (1st place: USD $2,000, 2nd place: USD $1,000)
  •   Have the chance of being invested in, funded, or acquired by companies attending the Indie Pitch Arena
  •   Get a chance to participate in Gaming Top Talent – one of the biggest contests for indie game developers. Gaming Top Talent competition offers prizes worth over $1 Million USD to the winners , including capital investment and exclusive
    publishing deals.
  •   Get a complimentary table booth to showcase your game at the Developer's Corner

Judges panel include:

Jakob Nilsson

Game Plus

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Zander


VP, Product & Development

Martine Spaans


Mobile Game Publisher

Oleg Pridiuk



How to participate:
1.Download and complete the application form here, and then send it to mohamed@gmgc.info with the title “MGA-IPA-2016″,Please note, the application must be in English only.
2.We will overview your application and send you a confirmation prior to the event if you’ve made the cut.
3.Once you’ve made the cut, you will present on-stage at the Indie Pitch Arena before a panel of judges from top companies in the
  gaming industry.
4.After your presentation, there will be a short Q&A session with the judges.
5.After the presentation and Q&A, your game pitch will be rated by the judges.

  •   Have not been funded or invested in by a 3rd party company before with over 200,000 USD
  •   Have a working demo of the game
  •   Have no illegal or plagiarized content in the game (such as trademarked content, etc.)

Application & Pitch Requirements:

For the application:
  • The deadline for applications is 30th June 2016
  • Submit an official Indie Pitch Arena registration form
  • Submit a video or a working demo of the game being pitched (provide a download link from a store, private server, or cloud storage)
For the live pitch:
Note: The pitch should be in English only
You can use any combination of the following methods:
  • Trailer video of your game
  • A live demonstration of the game play(iOS devices only)
  • A slide presentation on your game, with details that should include:
    • Main Idea: What is the concept or purpose of the game?
    • Features: What makes your game unique?
    • Monetization Model: How would the game make money?
  • Know your game in and out:
    • At the end of your presentation, there will be a Q&A session from the judges. Be ready to answer!
Rating Criteria:
  •   User Experience: Judges will look at how the game plays, what features and modes are in it, how good the controls are, and
    how appealing or enjoyable/”addictive” the game might be
  •   Presentation: Judges will look at the graphics, layout, sound, music, and overall look of the game
  •   Originality: Judges will evaluate at how unique the game is, what makes it standout in terms of story, gameplay, features,
    controls etc.